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Clarity is the state of being clear in your thoughts.  Before you start anything please make sure you have CLARITY.  Let me define what it means to me.

C-Clear-have a understanding of the situation or thing before moving.

L-Love-make sure all decisions and moves are done in love.

A-Action-you can have to get into action after getting clear.

R-Real-be willing to take your mask off and be truthful.

I-Integrity-do things with good will in mind.

T-Talk-take time to discuss things.

Y-Yes-stay in a state of YES for most things.

While listening to Success Magazine’s CD of the month, Marie Forleo said this STUNNING statement.  Clarity come from engagement not thought-WOW!!!!  Many times we think if we just keep on thinking about  this or that we will get more clear.  Getting clear requires you to get into action, you will never know what you do or do not like or want to engage in until you try it.  I want you to be clear about every area of your life.  Now is the time to try new work activities, try new foods, try new clothes, try new friends, try a new exercise or how about trying a new attitude.  The reality is CLARITY COMES FROM ENGAGEMENT AND NOT THOUGHT.

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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